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Trenton Parrott Page

Trenton Parrott is no stranger to the spotlight. His confidence was shaped by his upbringing in West Detroit, where he proved triumphant in the face of controversy at an early age. Despite various obstacles, a powerful voice and magnetic personality always set him apart, ultimately earning him a platform for influence on his peers as well. 

Trenton's needs never went unsatisfied back home but the allure of New York City was unmatched. At the young age of 18 Trenton made the decision to uproot and follow his dreams. His move was initially driven by a desire to break into music, but soon after he was scouted for modeling. Trenton has since made quite the name for himself on the runways of top brands, but his first love, music, remains the fuel for his success. Trenton takes pride in inspiring those who too have big dreams. 


Instagram : @trentonparrott

HEIGHT 6'1.5"


SUIT 36"

INSEAM 33.5"

SHOE 10.0